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Visit to the museum

When is the museum open?
We are open from 9:30 to 17:00. Last admission is 30 minutes before the closing time.
When is the museum closed?
We are closed on Monday (or on Tuesday when Monday falls on a public holiday) and during Year-end/New Year holidays.
Opening days and hours may vary in the spring and summer. Please check this page for more information.
How long does it take to see the whole museum?
It takes about 1.5-2 hours.
Is a reservation necessary?
If you are planning a group visit, the entry process will be smoother if you make a reservation.
Please note that a reservation is necessary if you would like to join a guided tour at non-prescheduled times.
If you are a travel agent, etc. and need a reservation confirmation slip, please fax your request.
For group reservations, please visit this page.
Are companion animals/pets allowed to enter?
We're afraid they aren't. Only assistance dogs are allowed to enter.
Do you offer guided tours?
Yes, we do.
The guided tour of the Automobile Gallery starts at 10:15/14:00 daily and it takes an hour.
The one of the Cultural Gallery starts at 13:00 daily and it takes 30 minutes.
Please note that these daily tours are only in Japanese.
For the information about guided tours in English, please check the following question.
You can also download our audio guide app (free) onto your smartphone.
Please visit this page for more information.
In what language(s) are guided tours offered?
Guided tours are offered in Japanese and English.
If you would like to join the one in English, please contact us at the following and make a reservation in advance.
Phone: (+81) 561-63-5151/ E-mail:
Are there any places children can enjoy?
There are several vehicles you can freely step into.
Lots of picture books are also available in the Vehicle Picture Book Room.
In addition, we hold events of drawing and handicrafts for children depending on the period.
Please check this page for more information.
Is there any fee for the parking space (for passenger cars and buses) ? Does the parking space require a reservation?
Parking spaces of our museum are free of charge. Reservations are not necessary whether you come by a passenger car or a bus.
Please note that you need to reserve paid parking spaces when you hold an owners' meeting at our museum.
Please check this page for more information.
How do I get to the museum?
[ By public transportation ]
・A five-minute walk from "Geidai-dori Station (Toyota Automobile Museum)" on the Linimo (Tobu Kyuryo) Line [ Exit 1 ]
・A five-minute walk from "Toyota Hakubutsukan-mae" bus stop of Meitetsu Bus
[ By car ]
・0.4km west along Green Road from Nagakute IC (Exit1) of Nagoya-Seto Road
For detailed directions, please check this page.

Admission fees

How much is the admission fee?
Please visit this page for the information.
Is re-entry to the museum permitted?
Yes. Re-entry is permitted only on the same day. Please show your ticket upon re-entry.
Do you accept credit card payments?
Yes, we do. Payments with credit cards are available at all locations, including the information desk, restaurant, cafe, and shop.
Are discounts available for visitors with disabilities?
For visitors who have disability certificates, the admission fees are 300 yen (adults, seniors, middle & high school students) or 200 yen (elementary school students). One caregiver may be admitted free for each person with disability.
Is there a group discount?
Yes, there is. The group discount applies to groups of 20 or more people.
Please check this page for more information.


Can you describe the contents of the exhibitions?
Please visit this page for the information.
Can I touch or get into the vehicles on display?
There are three vehicles that you can get into; one is located outside and two are inside of the museum buildings.*
Please refrain from touching and/or getting into any other vehicles on display.
* The displayed areas may be changed in some cases.
Are photography and filming permitted?
Photography and filming in the museum are permitted only for personal or non-commercial purposes.
Please ensure that you don't disturb other visitors when using a tripod, etc.

Food and drink

Do you have a restaurant?
Yes. We have a restaurant on the first floor of the Automobile Gallery and a cafe on the first floor of the Cultural Gallery.
Can I make a reservation at the restaurant?
Yes. You can make a reservation three months before the date of your visit.
For groups of 20 or more people, we offer Japanese Box Lunch called “Warigo Bento”.
Please check this page for more information.
* We may not be able to accept reservations during busy seasons.
Can I bring food and beverages into the museum?
Please refrain from bringing food and beverages into the museum. You may freely eat and drink at the lawn plaza instead.


Can I borrow strollers/prams and/or wheelchairs?
Yes. We lend them for free. Please ask for one (or them) at the information desk on the day you visit.
Do you have any place where I can give milk to my baby and/or change diapers?
Yes. We have nursing rooms with baby cribs/cots, baby chairs, and hot-water suppliers.
Please check this page for more information.
Do you have multipurpose (handicap accessible) restrooms?
Yes. We have many on site.
Please check this page for more information.


Can I connect to the museum's Wi-Fi network?
Yes. You can connect to our Wi-Fi network for free.
Please check this page for more information.
Can I charge my electric devices?
Yes. You can charge your electric devices in the restaurant and in front of the elevator on the first floor of the Automobile Gallery.
Can I charge PHVs (plug-in hybrid vehicles) or BEVs (battery electric vehicles)?
Yes. Five chargers are available in the P1 parking space.
Do you rent your facility spaces?
Yes. We rent our halls and parking spaces for a fee.
Please check this page for more information.
Do you have any souvenir shop?
Yes. We have a museum shop on the first floor of the Cultural Gallery. Shopping is available also on the shop's website.
Please check this page for more information.
How can I take photographs and/or film at the museum for articles/publications/broadcast programmes?
How can I borrow images of the museum for articles/publications/broadcast programmes?
Please submit an application form for the photography/filming at the museum or requesting images of the museum.
For more information, please visit this page.