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Museum Restaurant AVIEW

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Museum Restaurant AVIEW
Museum Restaurant AVIEW
Museum Restaurant AVIEW
Museum Restaurant AVIEW

Enjoy a leisurely lunch at the museum restaurant!

Our chef offers inspired and creative lunch selections following the tradition of Western cuisine at reasonable prices.
The restaurant can also be entered from the P1 parking space. Those who are not visiting the museum are also welcome to dine here.

Hours 9:30-17:00
Last orders: food menu 16:00, cafe menu 16:30
Closed Same as the museum [ View the Hours/Holidays page ]
Location Automobile Gallery 1st fl.


We just changed the name of popular menu “Monthly lunch” to “Chef’s seasonal recommended lunch”.

◆“Monthly lunch” became popular menu  as well as “Toyota Automobile Museum Beef curry” with customers helps.
 Taking this as an opportunity, we just changed the name of it. It is “Chef’s seasonal recommended lunch”.

We chose this name after thinking about for 3 months.
The chef monthly chooses seasonal meat and fish and cooks this plate.
We hope you enjoy tasting it.


Museum restaurant AVIEW will continue to offer a low-carb food menu!

【recommended new menu!!】

・We will continue to provide low-carb taco rice in winter by popular demand.
 Reasonably priced drink and desert set is only providing in weekdays.
 ※The daily special desert can only to eat with this set menu.

・We also started set meal with fried chicken using soy meats.
 ※Soy meat is not only healthy but also has firm texture. Please feel free to try it.

・You could change the regular Toyota Automobile Museum beef curry and Pasta to konjac rice and noodle.

・We renewal sweets menu using konjac.

・There are many limited sweets menu in Autumn not only low-carb food menu.

■About low-carb https://locabo.net/
low-carb means carbohydrate restricted diet with fun to eat advocated by Eat & Fun Health Association.


Restaurant AVIEW's new menu and price revision (From 9 May 2023)

Thank you for your continued support for our Restaurant AVIEW.

Our menu will be renewed on Tuesday, 9 May 2023.
The menu includes Toyota Automobile Museum Curry and Toyota 2000GT Hotdog, which have long been loved by our customers, as well as three kinds of limited-quantity lunches and additional side dishes.

We are sorry to inform you that, due to recent increases in logistics, energy, and raw material costs, we have no option but to raise the prices of our menu.
We regret the need for the increased prices. However, we know you will understand that this increase is beyond our control.

Our recommendations



Try our famous curry. Also available in a retort pouch to take home as a souvenir at the museum shop. You can also choose the botanical curry for halal or vegan.

Menu for group visitors

Our restaurant accepts groups of 20 to 120 guests. Please make a reservation at least one week prior to your visit.

Box lunch

Box lunch

¥1,700 / ¥2,200 / ¥3,400 (tax included)

We can also offer other menu to suit your budget. Please consult with the restaurant staff.

Restaurant Information

* Depending on the size of the group, the hall may be used as a dining room.

* Please note that items on the menu may vary depending on the season.

* We accept the following methods of payment: cash, designated credit cards, and coupons (Zenryo and JTB)

Cancellation fees

  • ・2 days before the reservation date: 20%
  • ・1 day before the reservation date: 50%
  • ・On the reservation date: 100%

Please note that if you contact us on the day we are closed, your cancellation request will be accepted on our next business day.