Plan Your Visit

Tips for Visiting

While you are free to tour the gallery on your own,
we offer guided tours, audio guides, and recommended itineraries,
which will make your visit more enjoyable.

Guided tours

Guided tours

Our staff will guide you through the galleries highlighting specific items and offering insights into the history of the automobile.


Audio guide

* A free Wi-Fi network is available on site.

This free audio guide app will allow you to have more enjoyable experiences at the Toyota Automobile Museum. You will gain access to more than 80 audio commentaries with a focus on the highlights of our permanent exhibition. These commentaries are available in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean.

Recommended itineraries

Recommended itineraries

To help visitors of all ages enjoy themselves, we suggest two kinds of itineraries, which are covering from the guided tours of the highlights of the exhibitions to the specialties of the restaurant.

Museum rules

What visitors may not do:
  • Enter the display areas and/or touch the vehicles;
  • Bring umbrellas into the exhibition rooms;
  • Eat, drink, or smoke in the exhibition rooms;
  • Enter the museum buildings with pets;
    • * Assistance dogs are allowed to enter.
  • Do anything that may be a source of inconvenience to other visitors
    —e.g., painting in water colors, setting up easels for sketches, and touring the galleries while intoxicated.
Additional notes:
  • Photography and filming in the museum are permitted only for personal or non-commercial purposes.
  • Please watch your steps, as the fences around the display areas has been kept low to avoid interference with photography.
  • We will not take full responsibility for any troubles that may arise between visitors.
  • Those who disturb other visitors may be refused to enter or asked to leave.