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Audio Guide / On-site Wi-Fi

Audio Guide
No extra charge

This free audio guide app will allow you to have more enjoyable experiences at the Toyota Automobile Museum.

You will gain access to more than 80 audio commentaries with a focus on the highlights of our permanent exhibition, with multilingual support available in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean.
If you wish to deepen your understanding of the exhibition, please download the app on your devices by all means.

Download the app

You can download the app by either searching for "TAM audio guide" in the App Store/Google Play or scanning the 2D barcodes.

[ TAM audio guide ]

How to use

Please check the following page for detailed information about how to use the audio guide app.

How to use the audio guide app
  • * As this app can be downloaded outside of the Toyota Automobile Museum, we recommend that you download it before your visit.
  • * The audio guide can only be used on the museum premises.
  • * To use the audio guide, please turn Location Services and Bluetooth on, and launch the app to check in at the information desk or in front of the "Toyoda Model AA (Replica)" on the first floor of the Automobile Gallery.
  • * Earphones are recommended when using the audio guide in the museum.

On-site Wi-Fi
* Please connect to the museum's Wi-Fi network at the entrance on the 1st floor of the Automobile Gallery.

A free Wi-Fi network is available at the Toyota Automobile Museum. You may connect to it to utilize the internet and download the audio guide app.

How to connect

Select the SSID

Select the SSID "ToyotaAutomobileMuseum_Free_WiFi" from the list.


Select your login method

Launch the browser and tap "Agree Auth".


Confirm your acceptance of the terms of use

Review the terms of use and tap "Agree".