List of Our Publications

List of Our Publications

This is the full list of the publications, which have been issued by the Toyota Automobile Museum.
You can browse them all in our museum's library. Some publications can be browsed also on this website, and the ones marked with 〇 are available for purchase at our museum's shop. If you wish to purchase, please contact the shop to confirm the availability and for detailed information about how to order. (E-mail :

Annual report

Title Issue date Product Availability
Toyota Automobile Museum Annual Report 2019 (Japanese)[ PDF 2020.6
Toyota Automobile Museum Annual Report 2018 (Japanese)[ PDF 2019.6

Museum magazine

Title Issue date Product Availability
Museum Magazine[ View the museum magazine archive (Japanese) 1990~

Museum guides

Title Issue date Product Availability
Museum Guidebook "TOYOTA AUTOMOBILE MUSEUM" 2020.5 (new edition)
Photo Book "The Museum of MOTION" 2017.2.27
Museum Guidebook "TOYOTA AUTOMOBILE MUSEUM" 2005.3 (revised edition)
Exhibition Guide of the New Gallery "Automobiles & Popular Culture"
* The permanent exhibition from 1999 to 2017

Exhibition catalogs

Title Issue date Product Availability
Exhibition "Story of the Publica Sports Restration" 2014.1
Photo Collection "The Cars I Have Seen in Pre-War Japan: A Photo Compilation of the Shotaro Kobayashi Photo-Archive" 2013.10.15
Special Exhibition "TOYOTA75" 2012.10
Exhibition "Reviewing 125-Year History of Automobiles by Collection Cars & Literature" 2011.1.25
Exhibition "The Taisho Era and the Automobile" 2011.10.9
Exhibition "The Ascent of Japanese Baby Boomers and Automobiles" 2008.10.15
Exhibition "Famous Cars of the World" Coloring Book 2008.4
Exhibition "Cars Featured in Kayokyoku Pop Songs" Compilation CD of Showa Automobile Kayokyoku Pop Songs 2007.9.14
Exhibition "Henry Ford and the Model T: Birth of Car for the Masses" 2007.4.10
Exhibition "Plastic Models and Slot Cars: The Enjoyable World of Assembled Model Cars" 2007.1.31
Exhibition "The American Dream as Reflected in Car Advertising Art" 2006.9.20
Exhibition "Japanese Car in the 1980s: The Models Favored by Young People for Dating" 2006.4
Exhibition "A Single Photograph: Cars in Your Memory" 2006.1.31
Exhibition "Automobiles and the Mode: From La Belle Epoch to Modernism" 2005.10.6
Exhibition "One Hundred Years of Japanese Automobiles: A Hidden History in Celebration of 15th Anniversary of Toyota Automobile Museum" 2004.4
Exhibition "Cars and Art: Paper Art that Captures the Moment; the World of Ryuji Ohta's Techniques" 2003.12.16
Exhibition "Cars and Art: The World of Hidemi Matsumoto; the Landscapes with Classic Cars" 2002.12.17
Exhibition "Artworks of Motor Sport" 2001.7.17
Special Exhibition "TamTam-kun's Exploration into the Mechanism of Cars" 2001.4.24
Exhibition "AUTOMOTIVE / ART CARS by MIKIO OKAOTO" 2000.8.8
Exhibition "The Great Automotive Pioneers" 2000.4.25
Exhibition "Cars and Art: The World of Takeshi Hosokawa" 1999.8.3
Exhibition "The Model T, Great Heritage of the 20th Century" 1997.6.30
Exhibition "History of Automobile Advertisement : In Tandem with Progress of Motorization" 1996.10.8
Exhibition "Cars and Art: An Exhibition of the Paintings of Ken Yabuno" 1996.7.30
Exhibition "Comeback of European Cars After WWII: Pursuit of Motorization As Attained in the U.S." 1996.6.30
Exhibition "Civilization of Vehicles:Traffic in the Meiji Period Captured in Nishiki-e" 1995.10.31
Exhibition "The Decade After WWII: A New Beginning of Japanese Car" 1995.6.30
Exhibition "Pioneers of Japan's Early Automobiles" 1994.6.30
Exhibition "Posters and Lithographs Automobile Arts That Adorned the Streets of Paris" 1993.10.13
Exhibition "The Age of Big 3: Glittering Postwar American Cars" 1993.6.30
Exhibition "Down of the Family Car Age: People Got at Last Their Own Car" 1992.6.30
Exhibition "Birth of Automobiles: Pioneering Age" 1991.12
Exhibition "The Dawn of Japanese Automobiles" 1990.11


Title Issue date Product Availability
Restoration of the OTOMO: A Legacy of the Romantic Taisho Era 1999.3
Nostalgia for Charcoal-Powered Passenger Car: Record of Restoration 1997.3
Tsukuba Revived: Record of Restoration 1992.9


Title Issue date Product Availability
Toyota Automobile Museum Journal No.23 (2016) 2017.2.28
Toyota Automobile Museum Journal No.22 (2015) 2016.2.29
Toyota Automobile Museum Journal No.21 (2014) 2015.2.28
Toyota Automobile Museum Journal No.20 (2013) 2014.2.28
Toyota Automobile Museum Journal No.19 (2012) 2013.2.28
Toyota Automobile Museum Journal No.18 (2011) 2012.2.29
Toyota Automobile Museum Journal No.17 (2010) 2011.2.28
Toyota Automobile Museum Journal No.16 (2009) 2010.2.28
Toyota Automobile Museum Journal No.15 (2008) 2009.2.28
Toyota Automobile Museum Journal No.14 (2007) 2008.2.29
Toyota Automobile Museum Journal No.13 (2006) 2007.2.28
Toyota Automobile Museum Journal No.12 (2005) 2006.2.28
Toyota Automobile Museum Journal No.11 (2004) 2005.2.28
Toyota Automobile Museum Journal No.10 (2003) 2004.3.1
Toyota Automobile Museum Journal No.9 (2002) 2003.2.28
Toyota Automobile Museum Journal No.8 (2001) 2002.2.28
Toyota Automobile Museum Journal No.7 (2000) 2001.2.28
Toyota Automobile Museum Journal No.6 (1999) 2000.2.28
Toyota Automobile Museum Journal No.5 (1998) 1999.2.20
Toyota Automobile Museum Journal No.4 (1997) 1998.1.30
Toyota Automobile Museum Journal No.3 (1996) 1997.1.24
Toyota Automobile Museum Journal No.2 (1995) 1996.2.20
Toyota Automobile Museum Journal No.1 (1994) 1995.3.31


Title Issue date Product Availability
The Car Collection of Toyota Automobile Museum Vol.1 (DVD)
Category: Toyota
The Car Collection of Toyota Automobile Museum Vol.2 (DVD)
Category: Japanese Automobiles
The Car Collection of Toyota Automobile Museum Vol.3 (DVD)
Category: French Automobiles
The Car Collection of Toyota Automobile Museum Vol.4 (DVD)
Category: American Automobiles
The Car Collection of Toyota Automobile Museum Vol.5 (DVD)
Category: European Automobiles
Car Displays & Screen Saver (CD-ROM) 2002