About Us

The Toyota Automobile Museum was established to commemorate the history of the automobile and is dedicated to building a prosperous future for humans and motorcars.

The automobile industry is now undergoing a profound change that may occur only once in a century.
To capture this momentum, the museum is poised to present lessons from the past,
inspire thoughts on the future of mobility, and play a part in building a new automobile culture.

Showcasing the Evolution and
Culture of Automobiles
from around the World

What makes the Toyota Automobile Museum truly unique is its systematic presentation of the evolution and culture of automobiles from around the world, regardless of manufacturers and covering everything from the world’s first gasoline-powered car to modern electric vehicles. Almost all the exhibited vehicles are maintained in roadworthy condition, positioned spaciously along a natural viewing route. Equally fascinating are some 4,000 pieces of automobile-related cultural items on display. Many of our visitors from around the world have commented that this is an excellent museum worth traveling for.

The museum offers a free audio guide app that supports four languages and provides free guided tours in English. Some staff members who speak foreign languages are also available to assist with your needs. The museum is easily accessible from the Nagoya Station and the Chubu Centrair International Airport. Photography is allowed inside the museum, unless otherwise indicated. We make sure your visit to the museum is a happy and memorable one.

The Toyota Automobile Museum is located in Aichi Prefecture, the heartland of the automobile industry in Japan. The museum opened in April 1989 in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Toyota Motor Corporation and has delighted visitors from around the world for over 30 years.

Museums Run by Toyota

Toyota operates a total of five historical/cultural facilities, including the Toyota Automobile Museum. The four other facilities are as follows:

Toyota Kaikan Museum

Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture

The museum’s mission includes sharing Toyota’s corporate vision and demonstrating its latest technologies, as well as arranging factory tours for visitors.

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Toyota Kuragaike Commemorative Hall

Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture

The video show and other exhibits presented at this facility celebrate the visions and passions of Toyota Motor Corporation founder Kiichiro Toyoda and his pioneering associates.

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Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology

Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture

Through live demos and exhibits in working condition, the museum brings to life the history of manufacturing at the Toyota Group, from its beginning as a power loom manufacturer and entry into the automobile business to its subsequent growth.

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Sakichi Toyoda Memorial House

Kosai City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Built in the birthplace of the founder of Toyota Group, Sakichi Toyoda, the facility presents how he dedicated his life to the industrial development of Japan.

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What We Do at the Museum

Permanent Exhibition To preserve the condition of our permanent exhibition items, which include the vehicles displayed at the Automobile Gallery and the cultural materials shown at the Cultural Gallery, we frequently perform vehicle maintenance, rotate the items on exhibit, and periodically renew the display scheme. Guided tours and audio guides are also available for a more in-depth visitor experience.
Themed Exhibition The museum holds several fixed-term exhibitions each year featuring automobile-related themes. During the summer holiday season, we also offer fun programs for families to create lasting memories.
Collection, Storage, and Restoration Following our own collection guidelines, we acquire and store vehicles and related materials as opportunities arise. When a rare vehicle requiring extensive repairs comes into our possession, we launch a long-term restoration project, as we have done in the past.
Events We often organize enjoyable automobile-related events—such as exhibition runs, ride alongs, lectures and mini-talks, and craft workshops—in conjunction with the themed exhibition or simply to celebrate the season.
Enrichment of the Automobile Culture To uphold the mission of enriching the automobile culture, we periodically host the Toyota Automobile Museum Classic Car Festival, inviting private owners of classic cars to participate in a motorcade. The museum also rents out its parking lot for gatherings hosted by various car owners’ clubs.
Surveys and Studies We conduct surveys and studies on various themes—including the history of the development of the automobile, the auto industry, automotive technology, the automobile culture, individual vehicles, and other documents and items of interest. The results of these studies are shared through exhibitions, internal and external lectures, promotional magazines, and annual reports. Books, magazines, car catalogues, and other materials used in these studies are stored in our library and can be browsed by visitors.
Education Support For educational institutions—including preschools, elementary/junior high/high schools, technical colleges, and universities—we offer school programs, combining group visits with demo vehicle runs and other associated events. We also offer an internship program for prospective curators.
Restaurant, Shop, and Cafe The museum restaurant, AVIEW, offers choice dishes, including our famous curry and special menus inspired by the latest exhibition theme. The CARS & BOOKS cafe is perfect for relaxing over a cup of coffee while thumbing through a book on cars. The museum shop carries a wide selection of original souvenirs and miniature cars.

To Make Your Visit More Memorable

Visitors are welcome to take pictures for noncommercial purposes. Reservations are recommended for group visits by businesses, schools, alumni gatherings, hobby clubs, and so on. All of us at the museum are committed to making your visit thoroughly enjoyable.

Architecture / Exhibition Room


Address 41-100 Yokomichi, Nagakute City, Aichi Prefecture 480-1118, Japan
Site area 46,700m²
Building area Automobile Gallery 4,800m²
Cultural Gallery 2,700m²
Floor area Automobile Gallery 11,000m²
Cultural Gallery 8,250m²


1989 The 21st Chubu Architecture Award
1994 The 1st Aichi Machinami Architecture Award
2020 The Japan Society for Exhibition Studies Award

Award-Winning Vehicles

Heritage of Industrial Modernization

Year awarded Vehicle name
2008 Yamaba's Steam Car "1/5 Scale Model"
2008 The Yoshida-shiki "Takuri" "1/5 Scale Model"
2008 T.G.E.Truck Model A "1/5 Scale Model"
2008 The Tokyo Municipal Bus "Entaro" "1/5 Scale Model"
2008 Otomo "1/5 Scale Model"
2008 Ford Model A
2008 Chevrolet Phaeton
2008 Toyoda Model G1 Truck "1/5 Scale Model"
2008 Tsukuba
2008 Toyoda Model AA "Replica"
2008 Toyota Model AB Phaeton
2008 Datsun Model 16 Sedan
2008 Mizuno-shiki Three-Wheel Truck
2008 Nissan Model 70 Phaeton
2008 Toyota Model AC

For detailed information about the Heritage of Industrial Modernization, please see the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's website.
* Information about open exhibits is accurate as of the time posted; may differ from current exhibits, depending on when this page is accessed.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's Heritage of Industrial Modernization page

Historical Cars of the Japan Automotive Hall of Fame

Year awarded Vehicle name
2020 Toyopet Light Truck Model SKB (The one in our collection is the first Toyoace, which was renamed from Toyopet Light Truck Model SKB in 1956.)
2019 Eunos Roadster
2018 Toyota Corolla
2017 Prince Skyline Model GT
2017 Subaru 1000
2014 Isuzu 117 Coupe
2013 Honda N360
2012 Toyota Sports 800
2010 Mitsubishi 500
2008 Suzuki Suzulight
2007 Daihatsu Midget
2006 Toyopet Crown
2005 Honda Civic
2004 Subaru 360
2003 Mazda Cosmo Sport

For detailed information about the Historical Cars of the Japan Automotive Hall of Fame, please see the Japan Automotive Hall of Fame website.

Historical Cars of the Japan Automotive Hall of Fame Page