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Guided Tours / Multilingual Support

Guided Tours
No extra charge

Our staff will guide you round the museum highlighting specific items and offering insights into the history of the automobile.

Daily guided tours (in Japanese)

If you wish to join the guided tour, please apply at the reception desk before the tour begins.

*From September 1st (Wednesday) to September 30th (Thursday), the time of the guide tour for the general public will be changed in accordance with the implementation of the "Children's Guide Tour".
Please be careful.

Automobile Gallery

Duration 60 minutes
Start Times
10:00 / 14:00*
Weekends &
10:15 / 14:00
Meeting Point [ Automobile Gallery, 1F ]
In front of the "Toyoda Model AA" replica
Capacity One to 20 people
Tour Description History of automobiles from the birth of gasoline cars

Cultural Gallery

Duration 30 minutes
Start Times 13:30*
Meeting Point [ Cultural Gallery, 2F ]
Entrance to the Automobile Culture Showroom
Capacity One to 20 people
Tour Description Highlights of the Automobile Culture Showroom

Private booked tours (in Japanese / English)

If you require guided tours other than daily ones, please contact us for booking in advance.
* Guided tours are limited to up to 20 people per group.

Multilingual Support

Museum labels Museum labels are written in four languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean).
* Some of them are only in Japanese and English.
Museum brochures The brochures are available in 6 languages.
・Japanese[ PDF
・English[ PDF
・Simplified Chinese[ PDF
・Traditional Chinese[ PDF
・Korean[ PDF
・Thai[ PDF