08 September 2022

Information About “the 33rd Toyota Automobile Museum Classic Car Festival”

The Toyota Automobile Museum will host its 33rd Classic Car Festival on Sunday, October 9.

For motorsports in Japan, 2022 is a special year: The FORUM8 Rally Japan 2022 will be held in Aichi in November, preceded by the opening of the Fuji Motorsports Museum in October as a branch facility of the Toyota Automobile Museum. In celebration of these events, ‘motorsports’ was chosen as the theme of the Classic Car Festival this year. Led by a rally car driven by locally-based racing professionals Teruo Katsuta and his son Norihiko, classic cars manufactured 30 or more years ago will parade around Nagakute City.

For further information, please visit the following page.

The 33rd Toyota Automobile Museum Classic Car Festival

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