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9 Oct 2022

The 33rd Toyota Automobile Museum Classic Car Festival

A Fun-Filled Day Featuring Motorsports and Vintage Cars

Parade starts

Parade starts

Street parade

Street parade

Aichi Expo Memorial Park (Moricoro Park)

Aichi Expo Memorial Park (Moricoro Park)

For motorsports in Japan, 2022 is a special year: The FORUM8 Rally Japan 2022 will be held in Aichi in November, preceded by the opening of the Fuji Motorsports Museum in October as a branch facility of the Toyota Automobile Museum. In celebration of these events, ‘motorsports’ was chosen as the theme of the Classic Car Festival this year. Led by a rally car driven by locally-based racing professionals Teruo Katsuta and his son Norihiko, classic cars manufactured 30 or more years ago will parade around Nagakute City.

The parade route runs through downtown Nagakute so that many onlookers can stop and cheer. About 100 privately owned cars will depart from the museum and parade through the town before reaching Aichi Expo Memorial Park. The spectacular motorcade will include vehicles spanning the 100-year history of automobiles in Japan, the U.S., and Europe.

The parade vehicles will be displayed at the venue, where a variety of events will be held—including talks by the two Katsutas and their associates, who will discuss the attractions of the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) and things to look forward to in the final round in Japan (rd. 13) starting on November 10. This year, the Toyota Automobile Museum will resume exhibiting vehicles, having refrained from doing so in 2020, 2021. A demonstration of the Toyota 7’s engine performance is not to be missed! The Event Zone features presentations of car restoration processes, GR (Gazoo Racing) heritage parts, and traffic safety awareness programs.

The event will be broadcast at a later date on the Toyota Automobile Museum’s official YouTube channel and on the Himawari cable TV service (Himawari 11).

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections, the number of entrants to the Aichi Expo Memorial Park venue will be appropriately limited. If Aichi Prefecture is under a state of emergency on the day of the event, for example, entry will be severely restricted. Please check the latest information beforehand by visiting the museum’s website at https://toyota-automobile-museum.jp/en/
Toyota Automobile Museum

Summary of the festival

Date Sunday, October 9 (free admission), rain or shine
Time 9:30–16:00
Venue Aichi Expo Memorial Park (Moricoro Park)
* The parade starts at the Toyota Automobile Museum at 08:45.
Participating vehicles  about 100 privately owned cars and 10 event vehicles, etc.
Schedule [08:45–10:45] Classic car parade

[09:30–16:00]Vehicle exhibition


Program details

Classic car parade (08:45–10:45)

About 100 privately owned cars from Japan, the U.S., and Europe will parade through 14 kilometers of public roads in Nagakute City. 

08:30 Starting ceremony (Toyota Automobile Museum)
08:45 Parade starts
10:45 Parade ends

Toyota Automobile Museum
―Waki Intersection
―Ichigahora Intersection
―Iwasaki Takenoyama Kita Intersection
―Shobosho Kita Intersection
―Kumabarishingyoda Intersection
―Nagakute Onsen Gozarasse
―Aichi Expo Memorial Park

Vehicle exhibition (09:30–16:00)

The privately owned cars (about 100 in all) will be on display after the parade.


Event Zone (09:30–16:00)

Motorsports Zone

Toyota 7 Turbo (Japan, 1970) engine performance demo

Watch Toyota 7’s engine come into action.

Motorsports vehicles on display
Toyota 7 Turbo (Japan, 1970), Toyota Celica Model TA64 (Japan, 1985), Toyota Mirai Rally (Japan, 2015)

(The above vehicles are in the collection of the Toyota Automobile Museum.)

GR Yaris Rally (Japan, 2021)

Fuji Motorsports Hotel/Museum
The latest information on the hotel and museum scheduled to open on October 7, 2022 on a site adjacent to the Fuji Speedway. Supported by Toyota Fudosan.

Rally Japan

A presentation of the attractions of WRC. Supported by Rally Japan Administrative Office.

Restoration Zone

GR heritage parts
Display of reproduced parts, etc.

All car-related questions answered
Classic cars and parts being restored will be exhibited, and questions and enquiries about classic car restoration will be answered at this booth. Supported by Shinmei Industry Co., Ltd.

An event promoting “Vintage Club by KINTO”

Participatory Event Zone

Photoshoots with classic cars in the Museum’s collection
Ford Model T Touring (U.S.A., 1914)

Lancia Astura Tipo 233C (Italy, 1936)

Traffic safety workshop

Make Your Own Reflector; How Good Is Your Reflex? Experience Vehicle Blind Spots; How Visible Are Your Clothes?

Local Information Zone

Information and participatory events presented by local exhibitors
– Charity sale by Japan Service Dog Association
– Aichi Urban Development Association, Nagakute City Tourist Exchange Association

◆ A museum shop booth by the Toyota Automobile Museum

* The content of the events may vary depending on weather conditions, etc.

Broadcasting at a later date

The parade and the events at the venue will be broadcast at a later date on the Toyota Automobile Museum’s official YouTube channel1 and on Himawari TV cable service (Himawari 112).

Note 1. The Toyota Automobile Museum’s official YouTube channel

Toyota Automobile Museum’s official YouTube channel

Note 2. Himawari 11: A local cable TV channel for viewers subscribed to Himawari Network services  in Toyota, Miyoshi, and Nagakute Cities.

Himawari Network

Getting to the venue

(As parking at the venue is limited, please use the following means of transport)

– Park-and-ride
A temporary parking lot (up to 300 cars, free of charge) will be provided on the south side of the museum. From there, walk four minutes to Geidai-Dori Station and take the Linimo to Aichi Expo Memorial Park Station.

* Holders of a valid One-Day Ticket for Linimo are entitled to free admission to the Toyota Automobile Museum as well as discounts at the museum shop, etc.


Aichi Prefecture, Nagakute City, Aichi Prefectural Board of Education, Nagakute City Board of Education, Aichi Urban Development Association, Nagakute City Tourist Exchange Association

Aichi Rapid Transit Co., Ltd. (Linimo)

COVID-19 prevention measures

In efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the following measures will be taken:

– People with temperatures at or above 37.5°C will be refused entry.
– Please wear a mask in the venue and maintain an adequate social distance from other visitors.
– There will be no food trucks and no food or drink will be served.
– Before visiting, please download and connect to COCOA (a COVID-19 contact confirmation app).

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