04 August 2023

Partial closure of Automobile Gallery (1 September 2023 - 29 February 2024)

Due to repairs to the building, some exhibition areas of the Automobile Gallery will be closed during the following periods.

Periods Areas
1 September – 29 October 2023
    • Automobile Gallery 3rd floor, Zone 10 (1960s)
31 October 2023 – 29 February 2024
    • Automobile Gallery 2nd floor, Zones 7-8 (1930–50s)
    • Automobile Gallery 3rd floor, balcony (Where dioramas are displayed)

Vehicles not on display


Details of the Automobile Gallery

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you.
During these periods, we will be holding special exhibitions and waiting for your visit.

Special exhibition Vehicles not on permanent display (e.g., the Toyota 2000 GT “Bond Car”, which was specifically built for the 1967 James Bond movie You Only Live Twice) will be exhibited at the entrances of the Automobile Gallery and Cultural Gallery.

Special exhibition

More information will be available later on this website, on social media, and on posters in our museum.
We will continue to make every effort to welcome you with even more substantial exhibits and events in the future.

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