15 December 2020

【Updated on 22 December】Video Series ”Night at the Toyota Automobile Museum” Are Now on YouTube

Video series ”Night at the Toyota Automobile Museum” are now on our official YouTube channel.

#1 Atmosphere After Closing

Night at the Toyota Automobile Museum #1

A museum after the closing when only the footsteps ring.

It’s a dark space, and you’ll be engrossed by the appearance of the vehicles that are different from those in the daytime.

The four recommended vehicles of the Toyota Automobile Museum will be explained by our deputy director.

    • Rolls-Royce  Silver Ghost (1910, U.K.)
    • Hispano-Suiza K6 (1935, France)
    • Minerva 30CV Type AC (1925, Belgium)
    • Duesenberg Model J (1929, U.S.A.)
#2 Shadows, Colors, and Silhouettes

Night at the Toyota Automobile Museum #2

Introducing three vehicles with beautiful shadows, colors, and silhouettes from lighting in the darkness.

    • Delage Type D8-120 (1939, France)
    • Mercedes-Benz 300SL Coupe (1955, Germany)
    • Toyota 2000GT Model MF10 (1967, Japan)

Please take a look at their elegant appearances in the museum after closing, which is different from usual.

There are many other videos of the exhibitions and events on our official channel.

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