26 May 2020

【Notice to Visitors About Coronavirus (COVID-19)】

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, we implement the following measures.
We may restrict entry when it is crowded. Please be careful when you come to the museum on weekends or  holidays.
Your understanding and cooperation would be much appreciated.

■ Your Cooperation
<Check your physical condition>
① Please refrain from visiting the museum when you are not feeling well, such as having a fever of 37.5 degrees or more, and/or a feeling of fatigue.
② We do not permit your admission to the museum if your heat over 37.5 degrees is detected by thermography.

<Entry Restrictions, Entry Methods, etc.>
③ We may limit the number of cars parking to maintain an appropriate number of visitors. In particular, you may have to wait on weekends and summer holidays.
Group reservations (for 20 people or more) and facility use (hall and P2 parking) are not accepted until the end of August.
Please refrain from visit by bus. Bus parking is not available until the end of August.
⑥ Those who are in elementary school or younger should be accompanied by their parents.
Please enter from the Automobile Gallery (the Cultural Gallery is exclusive for the exit).

<Requests in the Museum >
⑧ Please sterilize your hands with alcohol or wash your hands in restrooms.
⑨ Please wear a face mask (over 3 years old).
⑩ Please keep 2 meters apart from others and refrain from talking loudly.
⑪ Please refrain from eating and drinking anywhere in the museum except in the restaurant and cafe.

■ We will stop the following services.
Guide tours (daily and reserved) and exhibition explanations at the galleries
Library, a part of exhibitions of the Automobile Culture Showroom, and the display of books at the cafe
③ Stamp rallies, questionnaires and computers for database searches
④ Events and demonstrations

■ Our Efforts
① All of our staff will wear face masks and some will also wear gloves.
② Our staff will make efforts to manage their physical conditions, such as temperature tests twice a day.
③ Acrylic panels are installed at ticket counters, the information, and other places where we meet visitors.
④ Markers are installed at every 1.5 meters at the entrance locations, shop, and cafe.
⑤ Cleaning and sanitization are carried out as needed.
⑥ Museum buildings are ventilated all the time.
⑦ The restaurant and cafe reduce chairs and tables to ensure proper intervals.

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