[ Special Exhibition ] Innovation from 100 Years Ago ~ The Changes Made by the Ford Model T ~[ Special Exhibition ] Innovation from 100 Years Ago ~ The Changes Made by the Ford Model T ~


Cultural Gallery 2nd floor, Special Exhibition Room

The“Ford Model T” –we can hardly talk about the history of automobiles without mentioning this iconic model produced in the United States. From its launch in 1908 until 1927, the model accomplished a number of technical innovations, including cost reduction through the mass production system and simplification of driving style. It also contributed greatly to motorization with a production volume of over 15 million. This unprecedented best-selling car brought about not only the popularization of automobiles as an industrial product but social innovation that dramatically changed the human transport and logistic system. The car affected urban planning and lifestyles and transformed the way people think.
Today is said to be a time of major revolution for the automotive industry, occurring on a scale that may happen once in 100 years. The exhibition showcases the Ford Model T as source of innovation about 100 years ago from a viewpoint that considers the direction of future mobility. A unique “disassembled model”will be exhibited making this unlike ordinary exhibitions.

Ford Model T Touring(1914)Ford Model T Touring(1914)
Oldsmobile Curved Dash(1902)Oldsmobile Curved Dash(1902)
Ford Model T Depot Hack(1914)Ford Model T Depot Hack(1914)
Chevolet Superior Series K(1925)Chevolet Superior Series K(1925)
Ford Model T Coupe(1927)Ford Model T Coupe(1927)
Ford Model T(1927)Ford Model T(1927)
Ford Model T Touring(1913 U.K.Made)Ford Model T Touring(1913 U.K.Made)