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25 Oct 2020

The 31st Toyota Automobile Museum Classic Car Festival [Public access to the Toyota Automobile Museum on October 25 will be limited to Nagakute residents and the museum’s annual pass holders.]

Parade starts

Parade starts

Street parade

Street parade

Parade course

Parade course

Exhibition and socializing

Exhibition and socializing

Parking lot

Parking lot

The Toyota Automobile Museum will host its 31st Classic Car Festival on Sunday, October 25. Our museum will serve as the venue this year, accommodating about 50 privately owned classic cars that will participate in a street parade. Special exhibition and socializing will also take place at the venue.

The street parade will feature Japanese, American, and European classic cars dating from 1990 or earlier, all of which have been carefully preserved and maintained by their respective owners. The cars representing 7 countries and 24 manufacturers will depart from the Toyota Automobile Museum in chronological order according to their date of manufacture and will parade through Nagakute City before returning to our museum.

In a new approach, this year’s event will be broadcast live on YouTube (on the official channel of the car community website, GAZOO) and on a local cable TV channel (Himawari 11) in the morning. In the afternoon, live streaming on YouTube will cover interviews with all parade participants about what they love about their cars.

Displayed at the Restoration Zone within the venue are supply parts for Toyota 2000GT and model A70/A80 Supras, which have been commercially reproduced as part of TOYOTA GAZOO Racing’s “GR Heritage Parts Project.”

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, public access to the venue on the day of the festival will be limited to Nagakute residents and Toyota Automobile Museum annual pass holders. We will also conduct temperature checks for all staff members and visitors, and everyone will be required to wear face masks and observe social distancing at the venue.

Although we cannot invite a large number of visitors to the venue, we hope the live streaming of the event will provide a highly intimate experience to a wider audience, allowing them to appreciate classic cars and enjoy a cozy connection between the people and cars.


Summary of the festival

Date Sunday, October 25 (rain or shine)
Time 09:10-14:40(Live streaming 09:00-14:45)
Venue Toyota Automobile Museum (start/end of the parade; vehicle exhibition site)

    • Our museum is closed for general visitors on October 25.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, only Nagakute residents and Toyota Automobile Museum annual pass holders will have access to the venue on that day.

* Please bring an identification card, which certifies that you reside in Nagakute, or an annual pass of the Toyota Automobile Museum. Admission is free and you can also enter the museum buildings.

    • We do not sell annual passes on the day of the event. Please purchase them in advance.
    • The annual passes are sold at the reception of our museum. Please purchase them by yourself. (Proxy purchasing is not allowed.)

For further information about the annual passes, visit the following page:

Information on the Annual Pass

Number of participating vehicles About 50 privately owned cars
  • Parade

[09:10-9:30] Starting ceremony (speech by guest/car owner/host; opening declaration)

[09:30-9:50] Parade starts

[10:00-10:30] Parade ends


  • Exhibition and socializing

[11:50-14:10] Interviews with participating car owners

[14:20-14:40] Closing ceremony

Infection prevention Your Cooperation

    • Please refrain from visiting the museum when you are not feeling well, such as having a fever of 37.5 degrees or more, and/or a feeling of fatigue.
    • We do not permit your admission to the venue if your heat over 37.5 degrees is detected by thermography.
    • Please wear a face mask (over 3 years old).
    • Please keep your distance from others and refrain from talking loudly.
Parking lot If you would like to come by car, please use the temporary parking lot. Motorcycle and bicycle parking are also available there. The location of the temporary parking lot can be found in the image list and on the flyer (PDF).

    • The temporary parking lot will be open at 8:00, and admission to the museum starts at 8:30.
    • When the parking lot is full, you may wait or be refused to park.


Program details

Street parade(9:30-10:30)

    • About 50 privately owned cars dating back to 1990 or earlier, from Japan, the U.S., and Europe
    • Parade route: about a 13-kilometer stretch of public roads in Nagakute City


Toyota Automobile Museum

—           Maeguma Higashi Intersection

—           Kumabari Shingyoda Intersection

—           City Office

—           Heiwabashi Kita Intersection

—           Nishikamodabashi Kita Intersection

—           Ichigahora Intersection

—           Iwasaki Takenoyama Kita Intersection

—           Yokomichi Intersection

—           Toyota Automobile Museum

Exhibition and socializing(10:30-14:40)

    • About 50 cars participating in the parade are to be congregated in the museum’s P2 parking lot.
    • Each participating car owner will be interviewed for inspiring episodes about their cars. The interviews will be streamed live on YouTube.


Restoration Zone (10:30-14:40)

GR Heritage Parts

Reproduced parts for Toyota 2000GT, Supra A70/A80, etc., will be on display.

GR Heritage Parts

All car-related questions answered

Restored classic cars, parts, etc., will be exhibited and an overview of the classic cars’ restoration will be provided by Shinmei Industry Co., Ltd.

Note: Exhibits may vary due to weather conditions and other factors.


Live streaming

The street parade and activities at the festival venue will be broadcast live on YouTube (official GAZOO channel*1) and Himawari cable TV (Himawari 11*2)

    • Part 1 (09:00–11:00): YouTube, Himawari
    • Part 2 (11:50–14:45): YouTube

YouTube special streaming page (GAZOO)

※A digest video of approx. 30 minutes will be posted on the official YouTube channel of the Toyota Automobile Museum in November.


Note 1. Official GAZOO channel: Official YouTube channel for GAZOO, a community website for car enthusiasts managed by Toyota.

Official GAZOO channel

Note 2. Himawari 11: A local cable TV channel for viewers subscribed to Himawari Network services  in Toyota, Miyoshi, and Nagakute Cities.

Himawari Network



Nagakute City, Nagakute City Board of Education


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