10 March 2022

[Online World Forum For Motor Museums seminar (until 17 July)].

The World Forum for Motor Museums is an conference of the world’s leading automobile museums. It is held every two years in Europe or the USA with the aim of promoting global exchange between museums.

We, Toyota Automobile Museum, have been representing Japan in the Board since 2020.

The conference board has now organised an online video streaming of the forum.
online video streaming of the forum

– Presentation of the Toyota Automobile Museum (Japanese version available).

Day4)TAM’s New Exhibition Space Reveals the Evolution of the Japanese Motor Industry in Japan
Day4)The Influence of Ford & GM (1920-1940) on the Formation of the Japanese Automobile Industry
Day4)Datsun USA Strategy in 1960 and Mr. K ’s Influence
Day5)The Global Appeal of Japanese Cars of the 1980s and 90s

You can also find 13 other presentations by museum directors, curators and experts from Europe and the USA.
A wide range of topics are discussed, including exhibitions, collecting, conservation, restoration, copyright and design.

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